I’m sick

Before my friends and family freak out over this title, I’m not physically sick.  After the decisions made by the Supreme Court this week, I’m sick and scared.  I have worried over this decision since it came down.  In all honesty, I had no idea that this was even before the Supreme Court.  Obviously, the decision I’m talking about is the Supreme Court’s ruling that same-sex marriage will be protected in all 50 states.  I haven’t posted anything about this on social media, because I was afraid.

For some who know me, you know that I REALLY don’t like confrontation.  I will not actively seek to debate someone, I will not look for a fight.  When I am thrust into one, I become anxious, flustered, my heart races, etc.  And I really don’t like hurting anyone’s feelings.  So for this reason, I didn’t want to offend anyone, I didn’t want to lose any friends, or cause anyone any anguish.

But after reading Bridget’s post “We’re to Blame” on her site Becoming a Godly Wife, I felt compared to speak up.  Please, take a moment to read her words, as she has said them better than I could have.  (If you scroll down to the bottom of her post, you can read my comment.)

Please hear this, I am not condemning anyone, I don’t hate anyone.  I am a sinner, the same as everyone else on the planet.  I have had friends who were homosexual.  It doesn’t mean that I condone what they are doing, but I don’t condemn them either.  That’s not my job.  My job is to love the person, to treat them as Christ would, to show them the love of Christ.  All I expect is the same respect in return.  Yes, there are radical people out there who shout condemnations from pulpits and mountains and street corners.  That’s not me, that’s not how I was taught to show the love of Christ.  But, I do feel that with this decision, we are headed down a seriously DARK path, and if we don’t speak up, we will be in serious trouble.

So please, take a moment to read Bridget’s post.  I know my following is small, but it only takes one person to bring change about.  Thanks in advance.



I’m Back – well, gonna try to be…

So while I haven’t posted here in a while, I have been very busy with school and life. Last year, we started meeting up once a week with a great friend of mine, for school with our boys. She has three boys, the middle one being the same age as Cole and the youngest is about a year younger than Wyatt. We have tons of fun each week playing various reading and math games, cool science experiments, and awesome crafts. We take turns teaching so it mixes it up for the kids.

For us at home, we started working on word families this year with Cole. I found some really neat activities for word families and sight words, but my favorite, and Cole’s has been card games. Kelly’s Kindergarten is a treasure trove of information and activities, but she has a whole section on various card games, including Cars UNO, which is the most popular in my house. I tend to save it as an end of the week activity so it’s something to look forward to.  You can click here to get to the cards page.

The other cool thing I stumbled upon was a set of emergent readers from Anna at The Measured Mom.  I am really loving her site right now.  She has numerous FREE printable books for beginning readers.  They are so much fun.  And Anna gives great directions on printing.  She also had a couple of sets of ABC books, that Wyatt loves.  He wanted me to print out every book the minute I printed out the first one.  The problem was that I needed a long-arm stapler (loving this new item) and more card stock paper.  The stapler came today and the paper will get here tomorrow.  The readers are found under the Reading link at the top of the site.

We also decided to make an indoor herb garden.  I wanted something fun we could do for science that I could use to teach the kids, but also be functional too.  (And I’ve been wanting an herb garden for a while!)  I didn’t want something outside, because, well, I HATE bugs, and we have some big scary ones here!  I have been doing a lot of freezer meals lately, and have been wanting some fresh herbs for salads and other meals.  So this seemed like the perfect idea!

So while I was at the dollar tree on afternoon with the boys, I saw that they had clay pots and seeds.  SCORE.  So we picked up 8 pots and 8 seed packs.  Seven were herbs and one was flowers for the boys.  And they did what boys do, they lost the flower seeds.  We had to go to home depot anyway to get soil and bases for the pots, so I just picked up an extra seed packet.  We planted basil, parsley, thyme, chives, oregano, lavender, mint, and sage.  I’ve got to tell you, every morning we wake up and the first thing we do is come into the family room and check the pots to see if anything is growing.  Almost all of the pots have sprouts in them.  Just waiting on the last couple.  At this point, I’m not really holding my breath.  Using a gift card, I got the soil for free, so if I have to replace a couple and try again, it’s not a big deal.  But it’s wonderful to see the kids checking the pots and getting excited over new growth!

That’s just a taste of what we’ve been doing so far.  Stay tuned for more, hopefully sooner rather than later.

We haven’t given up…

I know it’s been a while, and no we haven’t given up on homeschool. We (or rather I) decided that making our Christmas presents this year would mean more than just buying another toy for the kids. I also knew that the toys would be covered by aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandparents. This was no quick task, although I did get almost everything done that I wanted to. I was great to see the kids playing with their hand puppets, in their new puppet theater, putting on their superhero capes, playing with their castle (made from a cardboard box). So with that being said, I thought that rather than taking our summer break in the summer, we would take a winter break.

So no, we haven’t given up, but we are changing things up a little. I’ve read in various articles online that it’s better to do activities with the kids that they will enjoy and remember. (The boys still talk about the rain jars!) Instead of using worksheets to work on letter recognition, or number writing, we are going to do various activities that can be repeated often during a month, to help learn shapes, colors, numbers, and letters for Wyatt (who will be three in April) and word recognition, days, months, and time, for Cole (who just turned 5 in November). We’ll start back up in a few weeks, as I’m working on making a lesson plan for the rest of this year – or for at least as long as I can get through.

We pray that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas season, and a happy new year!

If you are looking for ways to keep Christ in Christmas for next year, start meditating on it now. Why not check out the Keeping Christmas posts over at Keepers Ministry.

What to do…

I know it’s not the end of week 4, but I just felt like writing. So it’s Tuesday, and normally this is not a school day for us. Things are just not going according to plan this week. Normally on Monday’s, we go to visit Nanny and Poppy, and Uncle Chad for a few hours in the morning. (That’s my dad’s parents and brother.) While the boys visit, I tend to use those two hours to get everything together for school for the week. If I need to go to Hobby Lobby to get supplies, or to the Dollar Tree to get supplies, or I need to print things out, or get things cut out, I do that while the kids are out. Then we get home, Wyatt takes a nap, Cole gets one hour of iPad time, then Cole and I work on his worksheets. After Wyatt gets up, we work on our craft, Bible story, and science time.

Well, on Monday, I had breakfast with a wonderful group of ladies from the church. It was a great time and I’m so glad we get together once a month. But I wasn’t able to get to Hobby Lobby and get our supplies. So I figured Wyatt would sleep for a couple of hours, we could go and get the supplies, and still do school when we got home. Well, Wyatt didn’t wake up until almost 5:00. He was a tired puppy! Then we didn’t get home till almost 6. It was time for dinner and cleaning up the toys from the day, then bed. So no school on Monday. Not a big problem, I figured we would just have school on Tuesday and I could find some stuff for Wyatt to do while Cole did his sheets.

My sister has invited me to walk around their neighborhood with them, when we can. She had another friend, a new mom, who wanted to walk as well, and was going over on Tuesday morning to walk. So my sister invited us as well. No big deal. We could walk, then come home and still do school before lunch. No such luck. We didn’t get home until almost lunch time. We had lunch and now Wyatt is sleeping.

It makes me think about the Lord’s timing. We are trying to put our condo on the market, so we can get a house with a backyard, in a nice neighborhood, with a fence and more room. I have been trying to get the condo on the market since the beginning of July. Well, that didn’t happen in my time either. I’m hoping this will happen next week. We are also working on a contemporary Christian worship service on Saturday nights at our church. This has also been a struggle as we’ve waited on the Lord to move us in His time. I won’t say that the Lord is teaching me patience, because I definitely haven’t been praying for that, but He is teaching me to wait on Him in everything. And it’s ok if things don’t get done when I think they need to be done. If we don’t get to school today, it’s ok. We still have the rest of the week. If I don’t get a load of laundry done today, it’s ok. IF there are still dishes in the sink when I go to bed, it’s ok. The laundry will still be there tomorrow, the dishes will still be in the sink, my boys will know that I love them and my Lord still sits on His throne.

Preschool – Week 3

This has been an interesting week. It seemed like the boys really wanted to do school, but they really didn’t want to do school. Thankfully, we had some really cool and fun activities this week. I think that I have the perfect arrangement. We do worksheets first, to get those out of the way, then we move on to crafts and activities. Save the fun stuff for last. I can also use the fun things as encouragement – let’s finish these sheets, then we can do our projects! Works, for the most part!

We concentrated on the letter C this past week. Cole did his normal sheets, while Wyatt and I tried some new things. We colored a caterpillar in the shape of a C. I drew a cactus on a green sheet of paper, and the boys drew C’s as the spines on the cactus. Wyatt and I also made a cat with circles and triangles.

We had a lot of fun with our numbers this week to. On Friday, we made exploding numbers. Cole did really well following directions. Wyatt, on the other hand, just wanted to make a mess, which is fine. It’s all about learning about different things and experiencing different things.

After trying twice this week to do our Passport to Imagination craft from Michaels, we decided that these crafts are a little too old for the boys. So I have been looking up different crafts for us to do, using things I already have around the house. Things like empty bottles, clothes pins, pom poms, q-tips, etc. We have a lot of different things we are going to be doing. Stay tuned!

IMG_20130820_094532For our Bible time this week, we talked about Issac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, and Jacob, Leah, and Rachael. We had fun playing pin the tail on the camel. Cole had no problem wearing the blindfold, but if you remember, Wyatt couldn’t handle it, so he didn’t want to play. But Cole did well with it, to the point that he figured out how to cheat! He’s too smart. We would spin him around twice, then send him towards the front door. He would feel to see if he was close to the corner or close to the couch, then move over where he needed to go. Like I said, too smart! We also created tambourines to celebrate Jacob and Leah, and Jacob and Rachael’s weddings. We used two paper plates, that the boys colored, and stapled them together, adding popcorn kernels to make the noise. They had so much fun making noise. (Thankfully, mommy had a full bottle of Advil nearby.)




IMG_20130821_102205Science was also fun this week. We started talking about weather. On Monday we talked about the sun, so the boys painted sun catchers. Wednesday was all about clouds. I found a cool project called Clouds in a Jar. Using water, shaving cream, and colored water, the kids created these cool things in the jar that represented what happens with clouds when they get too full. It was AWESOME! Friday we talked about rain, and the boys made rain sticks. Friday was a very noisy day in our house!

We’re still learning and working on the best way for us to work and learn. But it’s fun and we are having a great time!