We haven’t given up…

I know it’s been a while, and no we haven’t given up on homeschool. We (or rather I) decided that making our Christmas presents this year would mean more than just buying another toy for the kids. I also knew that the toys would be covered by aunts, uncles, grandparents, and great-grandparents. This was no quick task, although I did get almost everything done that I wanted to. I was great to see the kids playing with their hand puppets, in their new puppet theater, putting on their superhero capes, playing with their castle (made from a cardboard box). So with that being said, I thought that rather than taking our summer break in the summer, we would take a winter break.

So no, we haven’t given up, but we are changing things up a little. I’ve read in various articles online that it’s better to do activities with the kids that they will enjoy and remember. (The boys still talk about the rain jars!) Instead of using worksheets to work on letter recognition, or number writing, we are going to do various activities that can be repeated often during a month, to help learn shapes, colors, numbers, and letters for Wyatt (who will be three in April) and word recognition, days, months, and time, for Cole (who just turned 5 in November). We’ll start back up in a few weeks, as I’m working on making a lesson plan for the rest of this year – or for at least as long as I can get through.

We pray that you and your family had a wonderful Christmas season, and a happy new year!

If you are looking for ways to keep Christ in Christmas for next year, start meditating on it now. Why not check out the Keeping Christmas posts over at Keepers Ministry.

One thought on “We haven’t given up…

  1. Tiffany, you did a great job on the boys things for Christmas as well as all the gifts you made for all
    of us. You are lucky to have that talent. I am sure you will have lots of plans for Cole and Wyatt’s
    homeschooling coming up. If there is anything we can do to help, please let us know. Keep up the
    good work.

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