Preschool – Week 3

This has been an interesting week. It seemed like the boys really wanted to do school, but they really didn’t want to do school. Thankfully, we had some really cool and fun activities this week. I think that I have the perfect arrangement. We do worksheets first, to get those out of the way, then we move on to crafts and activities. Save the fun stuff for last. I can also use the fun things as encouragement – let’s finish these sheets, then we can do our projects! Works, for the most part!

We concentrated on the letter C this past week. Cole did his normal sheets, while Wyatt and I tried some new things. We colored a caterpillar in the shape of a C. I drew a cactus on a green sheet of paper, and the boys drew C’s as the spines on the cactus. Wyatt and I also made a cat with circles and triangles.

We had a lot of fun with our numbers this week to. On Friday, we made exploding numbers. Cole did really well following directions. Wyatt, on the other hand, just wanted to make a mess, which is fine. It’s all about learning about different things and experiencing different things.

After trying twice this week to do our Passport to Imagination craft from Michaels, we decided that these crafts are a little too old for the boys. So I have been looking up different crafts for us to do, using things I already have around the house. Things like empty bottles, clothes pins, pom poms, q-tips, etc. We have a lot of different things we are going to be doing. Stay tuned!

IMG_20130820_094532For our Bible time this week, we talked about Issac and Rebekah, Jacob and Esau, and Jacob, Leah, and Rachael. We had fun playing pin the tail on the camel. Cole had no problem wearing the blindfold, but if you remember, Wyatt couldn’t handle it, so he didn’t want to play. But Cole did well with it, to the point that he figured out how to cheat! He’s too smart. We would spin him around twice, then send him towards the front door. He would feel to see if he was close to the corner or close to the couch, then move over where he needed to go. Like I said, too smart! We also created tambourines to celebrate Jacob and Leah, and Jacob and Rachael’s weddings. We used two paper plates, that the boys colored, and stapled them together, adding popcorn kernels to make the noise. They had so much fun making noise. (Thankfully, mommy had a full bottle of Advil nearby.)




IMG_20130821_102205Science was also fun this week. We started talking about weather. On Monday we talked about the sun, so the boys painted sun catchers. Wednesday was all about clouds. I found a cool project called Clouds in a Jar. Using water, shaving cream, and colored water, the kids created these cool things in the jar that represented what happens with clouds when they get too full. It was AWESOME! Friday we talked about rain, and the boys made rain sticks. Friday was a very noisy day in our house!

We’re still learning and working on the best way for us to work and learn. But it’s fun and we are having a great time!



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