Preschool – Week 2

So last week was week 2 in our Homeschool – Preschool Adventure. It went a little better than the first week. With Wyatt, we did more activities to help him learn his letters and numbers. We did the Torn Tissue letter B, just as we did with the letter A. Instead of doing worksheets to help him along, we did more coloring sheets and other activities. We did a B poster with blue and black buttons. (He glued the buttons onto an uppercase and lowercase B.)


We also made counting sticks 1- 10.  We haven’t used these yet, but they turned out well, and Cole helped with them. I have learned that for some thing, the glue gun is a much better glue than regular Elmer’s glue. I’m also learning how to use my glue gun. I think it’s defective.

Cole stuck to his worksheets and practiced writing B words and writing out the words for the numbers 1 – 5. He is doing so well. On some of the sheets, he needed to just write the word once or twice, but he said that three times was better. Except for the number three, which is longer, that one he only needed to do twice!

We worked on our days of the week and months of the year and seasons as well with Cole this week. I found some cool songs online. For the days of the week, we sing it to the tune of the Adams Family, which both boys love because we clap. I found a cute video on YouTube for the months of the year. Here’s the link:  And we listened to a lot of the songs.  This is the one the boys picked.  Cole and I also talked about the seasons.  Over the weekend, I realized that we might have gone a little fast through these things.  It’s all about repetition, and since we only do school three days a week, it’s easy for him to forget what we learned.  So this coming week is going to be review.

Our Bible lessons this week were about Adam and Eve, Noah, and Abraham.  I’m not trying to get the boys to memorize the stories, but again, just repetition, and learning about the major players in the Bible.  For Adam and Eve, we made a snake picture out of Farfalle, or bow tie pasta.  We were going to do Rigatoni snakes, but, mommy forgot to get them at the store.  For Noah, we made cotton ball clouds with yarn rainbows.  Abraham was a little trickier.  We actually did sand art pictures, representing the covenant that God made with Abraham.

IMG_20130814_193456              IMG_20130816_190434

Our passport to imagination took us to Canada this week, where we made hockey sticks from popsicle sticks, origami geese, and are going to finish up our clothespin moose today.  We talked about how Canada is colder, because they are closer to the north pole and we used a whiteboard country map that I found at the dollar tree to point out where the US is and where Canada is.

Science was all about our senses.  This was probably the most fun we had this week.  On Wednesday, I made up a tray of things to smell, feel, and taste.  For the things to smell, I used solo cups and put different things in there.  I used garlic powder, onion powder, chocolate syrup, vanilla extract, coconut extract, lemon extract, cinnamon, pepper, and pumpkin pie spice.  Some people might think it interesting that I used so many baking supplies.  I am a baker, and the boys help me a lot and they love to smell the different components.  So they did really well with those things.  After we smelled everything, I put a blindfold on Cole, then tried to put one on Wyatt.  Cole trusted me completely and had no problem with the blindfold.  Wyatt on the other hand couldn’t stand it.  They boys then tasted different things: grapes, cheese crackers, m & m’s, chocolate chips, and a goldfish.  They did really well guessing.  We also held different things to guess what they were.  Again, the boys did really well.  While they were still blindfolded, we listened to different things around the house.  The water running, the ice machine, pouring a drink, turning on the light over the stove, clapping, and shaking a medicine bottle.  It was a lot of fun and the boys really enjoyed it!

This week is going to be a blast as well, as we look at different elements of weather.  Stay tuned to see our next adventure!

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