Preschool – Week 1

Monday afternoon marked day 1 of our homeschool preschool. I decided to try to do one letter a week, one number (or set of numbers for Cole) a week, a color and shape, a craft project, a Bible story and a science lesson per class. Obviously, for the letter, I started with A. I found this cool idea, that I tweaked, for using torn tissue paper and a letter template. I cut up the tissue paper and we put a line of glue through the letter. The boys could then put tissue paper pieces on the letter templates.
Cole's Torn Tissue A

Cole concentrated on the numbers 1-5 and Wyatt concentrated on the numbers 1-2. I wanted Wyatt to be able to do the craft projects we were doing do on Monday we waited for him to wake up from his nap before we did our project. (Courtesy of Michael’s Passport to Imagination. I copied all of the projects off of their site and did them at home, rather than going to Michaels to do them. Since we are only doing about three of these a week, instead of three a day, we are able to keep the projects going. They are set up by continent and country. Three projects a day, for three days, for seven weeks, means I have 63 days worth of projects or about 21 weeks. AWESOME!)

Wyatt worked on the color red and the square shape. Cole worked on various opposites, including inside/outside, on/off, and happy/sad. Our first bible lesson lasted all week, and went along with our project the first day and our science lessons. Do you remember in grade school having to do a diorama? I do. I think I waited until the last minute to do it, and made my mom mad, but I remember using a shoe box and dirt and grass. I don’t remember what it was for, but I do remember a couple of things. This is basically what we did with the boys. We made a creation diorama. On Monday, we learned what God made on days 1, 2, and 3. We then added these elements to the diorama. (It’s very 2-dimentional!) On Wednesday, we learned what God made on days 4, 5, and 6, and again added these elements to the diorama. On Friday, we talked about God resting! So our science lesson was about rest and motion and how objects need a reaction to create motion. Here’s a picture of Wyatt’s finished diorama.
Wyatt's diorama

So what did I learn this week? I don’t know where Cole learned his numbers, letters, and other various things, or when he learned them. I don’t know why Wyatt doesn’t know them. I think I thought that Wyatt was just as advanced as Cole was. I was wrong. Wyatt is his own person with his own way of doing things. He isn’t going to be able to trace a word, or number, or even a letter on his own. He isn’t going to recognize a number right away. He doesn’t know his colors or shapes, let alone what the letter B looks like. So we need a different approach. Wyatt will do more activities to learn things, like flash cards and sorting. Cole loves the worksheets and does well with them. So until he tells me he’s bored, we’ll stick with that for Cole.

Next week should be interesting. The passport crafts this week were for North America and the United States. We made a Bald Eagle from a wooden spoon and the liberty bell. Bald Eagles Liberty Bells
Next week, we concentrate on Canada.


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